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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Land's End-Spring 2011

     My Land's End catalog arrived last week and I just got around to looking through it. Boy, am I excited about a few pieces! Here are some shots:

The Fine Gauge Cardigan (you can never have too many!)

Roll Sleeve Pop-Over

Stretch Boot-Cut Chinos (you can never have enough of these as a teacher)

Poplin Skirt (I can see me wearing this at Sunday brunch)

For those interested, Land's End is doing a special sale (today only!!!), 30% off any one item you choose!

Also, I'll be posting the winner of the Three Designing Women notepad and custom stamp giveaway tonight at 8pm! Congrats to the winner and thanks to all those new and old readers :-)


  1. That poplin skirt is lovely! I'm a fan of paisley patterns (if you couldn't tell by my blog background!). I wish Land's End petites were more...well, petite! I haven't had much luck fitting in their smallest sizes unfortunately.

  2. Good picks! I ordered some of the boot-cut chinos in white but have to take them back because the fabric is simply too sheer... beware! Ha!

  3. Just found your cute blog! Great picks - Im loving that skirt and pop-over! - Natasha


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