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Sunday, March 6, 2011

What type are you?

Hi everyone! Thanks for visiting! The fam and I are going up to Maine for the day. I promise lots of pictures and a nice post when I get back this afternoon :-)

Also, thanks to all for the initial response to my very first giveaway! I'm hoping the weekend/break is keeping some people away but I'm excited to give this gift to a very nice home. If you haven't seen it yet, please check it out! It ends on Wednesday.

I was bored this morning and was surfing the Internet when I found this post on Facebook. After reading it, I had to share it. Let me know what you think.

"The Different Kinds of Preppy
I'm not sure if it's even possible to categorize preppies, but there seems to be really different kinds of them.

There are several types:

The East Coast Die-hard Preppy
These are the preps you find in areas like New England or Boston. Think of the Kennedy's. Vassar, Yale or Boston University. Favorite brands are Polo, J.Crew, Vineyard Vines, CK Bradley or the many small shops in the area that sell preppy clothes. These preps wear pants with whale prints or madras shorts during summer. Nantucket, Cape Cod, Martha's Vineyard, Maine, etc are Die-hard Preppy haunts.

The West Coast Hippie Preppy
You can find this kind of prep in the San Francisco Bay Area. They love classic clothes but the look is comfortable and lived in. The clothes are geared towards the year round 70 degree weather. The look is often cotton sweaters, jeans, chinos, walking shorts, clogs or Birkenstocks and arts and craft accessories. They drive old Volkswagens or Jeep Cherokees with PBS or KQED stickers in the bumpers or windows. Hippie Preppy haunts include Sausalito, Marin, Napa, Halfmoon Bay or the Monterrey beaches. Hippie Prep schools include Stanford, University of San Francisco, UCSF, Golden Gate, St Ignatius, Woodside etc.

The Cosmopolitan Metro Preppy
You can find these preps in major metropolitan cities like New York or Los Angeles. The Metro Preps like updated classics. Their style is sometimes called fashionably conservative. These preps can shop in stores in like Banana Republic, The Gap or Ann Taylor. I also think they're the more internationally travelled of all the preppies.

The Traditionalist Preppy
This type of prep is very much into tradition. They are old school as old school can get. They wear their clothes according to strict rules of dress. For example, pants must be cuffed to an inch and a half. No more no less. They are also the more formal of all of the preppies. These preps will wear seer sucker suits during summer or full regatta clothing when sailing. If these preps had a choice of schools it would be British schools like Oxford, Cambridge or Eton in the UK.

The Southern Country Preppy
You can find them in Southern states like Virginia, Maryland and The Carolinas. Country preps tend to be more the outdoor types. Favorite items of clothing include barn jackets and duck boots. Patagonia, Lands End and L.L. Bean are common brands but they also buy Polo or J.Crew. Country Preps are very much into equestrian sports or hunting. You can find them hunting in Ashburn or riding in Middleburg and in the summers they go to Virginia Beach, Nags Head or The Outer Banks. Country prep schools include Altamont, Westminster, Harpeth Hall or boarding schools such as Woodberry Forest,Baylor, Foxcroft or Madiera.

The Classic Preppy
These are the most common of all the preps. They just love anything that is classic and get their influences from all the above."

If I had to choose which prep I fall under, it would be classic prep and  second would be a cross between New England and Traditional.

What kind of preppy are you?


  1. Great post, I may re-post this later! Funny, I was re-reading the traditionalist... sitting here in my Oxford sweatshirt : )

  2. Love these definitions of each type of preppy! I'd say I am a combination of a few, but mainly because I have lived on the west coast, northern east coast, and the they all have left some mark on my "preppiness"! Hope you had a relaxing weekend!

  3. Definitely closest to classic- a mish-mosh of all of these! Not too many nautical items in my wardrobe though, only a few Lilly prints and critters for brief summer outings, considering I spend the majority of my summers inland :( Wish I could be at the beach more!

  4. great, great post! I am for sure southern country preppy and your description is spot on! I'm from NC, so it's perfect. I like to describe guys like that. I don't like them super preppy, but country preppy!

  5. I accidentally clicked on the link to your blog from That Short Blonde Girl's blogroll. Yay for me because this is a fun post! I've just found a new genre of bloggers!

    I don't know if I consider myself preppy mostly because I really can't categorize my style. When I think of preppy, I think of 80s valley girl preppy pink-and-green. The subcategories you listed are awesome! I should be West Coast )but I would be rockin' my KEXP bumper sticker if I did bumper stickers). I feel like I fit would be the Cosmopolitan Metro Preppy.
    Jen Hemming and Hawing Again


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