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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Happy Ash Wednesday!

Wishing everyone a Happy Ash Wednesday!

I'm eating my one full meal today in a few minutes then off to Mass to receive my ashes.

I hate going at night because I like to wear my ashes all day (Random fact: I'm very shy so it makes me go outside my comfort zone to wear them on my forehead for all to see) but there aren't any churches that work in my extremely early teaching schedule. Oh well! At least Rosie will see them when I get home :-)

This year I chose a very challenging thing to give up: Gossip.
This means none shall pass my lips and I will not read or watch any gossip as well (Goodbye,!!!)

I'm doing something different this year in terms if or when I slip up. I usually give a certain amount of money each time I slip up and do the thing I gave up. This year I've set a dollar amount that I want to give to a charity (Yet to be named. Any suggestions?).  Every time I gossip or read/watch gossip, I have to take away 25 cents from that amount, with the goal being that I give as close (if not all) to that amount as possible.

*Friendly reminder: My awesome giveaway (the package just came in yesterday and the notepads are really cute... brown and blue on one and pink and green on the other!) ends tonight. I will post the lucky reader tomorrow afternoon*

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