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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

For down the road....

     So last week, based on the recommendation of one of the blogs that I follow, I purchased some items on One King's Lane, one of my frequent haunts these days. More specifically, I purchased a gift set that included note pads and a custom stamp design. If you are not familiar with their stuff, I included the link below!

Three Designing Women

     After some thought, I thought this purchase would be a great gift to give away!

     The idea is when I reach double digit followers, I will offer this up as a thank you to all those who enjoy reading this little blog, and one lucky person in particular!

     Keep posted for details!!!


  1. I am looking forward to it!!

  2. Thanks cRk! I am too. I see all these awesome giveaways and I want a turn to be generous :-)

  3. I purchased that same set from Three Designing Women! :) Can't wait to get my stamp...


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