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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Pass it forward...

     Today I found a little surprise in my mailbox from Michelle at A Little of This & That. She hosted a "Pass It Forward" giveaway last month and I was one of the three selected!
Michelle sent me a bottle of nail polish in Timbleberry and a cute picture frame that will look smashing on my desk at school (I'd post pictures but Blogger is being a pain with uploading pictures... it took me three days to upload my daffodil pics from my post earlier!!!).

Thanks to Michelle and if you don't read her blog yet, you should stop by! I love her picture collages and humor!
I'm now hosting my own "Pass It Forward"!
Rules are simple:

1. The first three readers to post a comment will receive a little something from me. You must have a blog to participate.
2. Please leave your email as part of your comment so I can get back to you about mailing of gift.
3. Most important, you must pass this gesture forward so please only respond if you are willing to host this type of giveaway.
I'm so excited to be doing this... a little way of saying thank you to those faithful or even new readers!

Update: Still looking for two people to join in the Pass It Forward. All you have to do is accept a few little treats from me (yay) and in return, offer the same thing
on your blog... it's that easy!


  1. Pick me! And I'd love to do this. :) Do I post it now or when the little thing comes?

  2. I waited until after I received my gift. Thanks for being my first taker... I was starting to get nervous :)

  3. Thank you for your sweet compliment and I'm glad you like it :)

  4. I'd love to participate in this!! Sounds fun!
    braceypate at gmail dot com

  5. Thanks Bracey! I'll be contacting you once I have my third participant :)

  6. You're welcome! Let me know when you send it over so I can start looking for fun things to send out. :)


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