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Sunday, April 3, 2011

April showers golf courses!

Can't wait to hit the links (I'm thinking we'll be going to the Cape or Conn for April vacation with the intentions of trying new courses. That gives Mother Nature a few more weeks to make up her mind :)

Also, sorry for those last two pics...  I'm trying to figure out how to rotate them.

Any other golfers excited for the 2011 season?


  1. I'm excited to start golfing! :)
    I used to golf as a kid, but after having a less-than-stellar time at golf camp with some really awful (and sexist) coaches, I stopped. Now I'm excited to start up again with my Mom as my golf partner. The only problem? All of my clubs are "junior" size! Looks like I have to head to Sports Authority soon...

  2. Lots of cute stuff! Yeah, I'm excited for my husband to get home so we can go together! It's already perfect weather down here in GA! :) -e

  3. cute golf outfits girl :) so classy and preppy xo have a great sunday!

  4. I just got some cute new golf clothes from Nordstroms Rack! I am going to get serious this spring about golfing!

  5. I'm not a golfer, but my husband LOVED golf, so I have a super soft spot for the sport. Love Masters week. My son and daughter actually got to go a few years ago. Said it was one of the best days ever :-). My daughter actually works for the PGA Tour. xoxo


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